Protection Policy of Specific Personal Information

The Company has established the following policy regarding the protection of specific personal information, when carrying out the office work that handles (hereinafter collectively referred to as “specific personal information”) such information, based on the “Act on the Use of Numbers for Identifying Specific Individuals in Administrative Procedures” (hereinafter referred to as the “My Number Act”), personal numbers and specific personal information (both having the meaning within the My Number Act).

■ Handling of Specific Personal Information

The Company will comply with the My Number Act, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws, regulations, and related guidelines set by the government regarding the handling of specific personal information.
The Company will handle specific personal information that may fall within the scope of the personal number related affairs appropriately.
The Company handle specific personal information within the scope of the below following purposes of use.

1. Duties related to the Company`s employees and dependents My Number

① Preparing employment insurance notifications※

② Preparing health insurance / pension insurance notifications※

③ Duties related to claims that are related to workers’ accident compensation insurance

④ Preparing withholding tax certificates of income and retirement income

2. Duties other than the above that are related to individuals My Number

① Preparing payment records for commission, payments, fees

② Preparing payment records for Dividends, distribution of retained earnings, interest

③ Preparing submission documents for Insured National Pension No. 3 individuals

④ Preparing payment records for fees related to real estate(s)

⑤ Preparing payment records for transfer(s) consideration(s) of real estate(s)

⑥ Preparing and providing legal documents regarding financial instruments transactions

3. Duties related to the use of My Number with consignment contracts

① Document submission duties of employment insurance※

② Document submission duties of health insurance / pension insurance※

③ Duties related to claims that are related to workers’ accident compensation insurance

④ Duties related to payroll calculation

Other duties related to the above 1~3 (including duties within the handling scope of specific personal information)

※The duties mentioned in 1.①②, 3.①② also include recruiting, applying, paying, and grants

■ Safety management measures regarding specific personal information

The Company will take high safety management measures to prevent the loss and leak of personal information managed with us. In a case where such happens, we will quickly act under corrective measures to fix the situation.

■ Formulation and implementation of rules regarding the protection of specific personal information

The Company has created internal rules as a basis to and when we receive, use, provide, manage, and dispose specific personal information, and furtherly have shared and announced the content to our directors and related individuals thoroughly. Furthermore, we will continue to manage the above and revise the content if needed.

■ Application and revision of this policy

This policy applies from the date that it is announced on our website and will be revised/updated accordingly in relation to any updates on regulations, laws, and in a case where we deem to be necessary to revise. An updated policy will be listed within our website at all times.

■ Inquiries

For inquiries regarding the handling of specific personal information, please contact the following.

Name:KIA Trust Co., Ltd Business Administration Headquarters

Address:Kasumigaseki Bldg. 30F, 3-2-5, Kasumigaseki Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo


Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm (except weekends, national and company holidays)

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