Our Business

“Real estate brokerage business” is said to be the entrance to investments, and is where we focus on to tailor to each client`s true criteria need`s according to their background by proposing asset structuring advisory services, and “property management” after acquisition of the real estate. Through the “management business”, we plan and make decisions in a timely and appropriate manner from both “offensive and defensive” perspectives managing the owner’s valuable assets. We are also registered as an investment management business, investment advisory / agency business, type 2 financial instruments business, and are actively developing to expand various “asset management business” services. KIA Trust produces a higher “synergism” effect than by a single company which enables us to deliver a new level “All in one” service tailoring needed solutions.

Real Estate Brokerage

We have a diverse investor client base beginning with Southeast Asia investors, catering to clients (individuals (domestic/overseas), general business corporations, AM companies, institutional investors, real estate agents, etc.) while positioning our real estate consulting business as our core business to offer comprehensive proposals and asset utilization. We will promptly adjust and balance according to the market to further propose appropriate asset solutions to each and every client. We will also not limit our business areas and continue to expand our business further to engage and provide a higher quality consulting business.

  • Acquisition and Sell/Exit support service
  • Solution proposal
  • Tax and Legal consultations
  • Multilingual support

Real Estate Investment

We also invest in real estate as fixed assets for a certain period of time and when investing in real estate, we prioritize “finding the true value of the property”, by rectifying illegal matters with renovation work, renewing aged equipment, and implementing value-up work from the perspective of tenants. We will revitalize the real estate to a state that it would be needed by the economy before it is re-liquidized to the market.

Property Management

We handle property management including building management for a wide range of real estate types such as office buildings, residential condominiums, commercial retail buildings, hotels, etc. Our first mission is to secure and improve the asset value, and according to the management policy of each owner we actively lease according to current market conditions while negotiating rent increase with existing tenants, plan and discuss construction proposals per appropriate timing, and continually further developing detailed property management services not only for domestic but also for overseas owners. In addition, we provide detailed tenant support services, business plans from the owner’s perspective, also minimize sudden emergency work costs that arise, focus on creating added value to the asset, overlooking per asset as if it was our own, and provide various management related services beyond the standard PM management duty scope. Our property management further aims to build a closer relationship of trust with each owner so that they are comfortable and not having to worry about their (overseas) investment asset.

  • Leasing
  • Various managements
  • Reporting
  • Multilingual support

Asset Management

With our extensive experience of real estate services, accounting and tax knowledge of structured finance within our KIA group, and as we are a registered Investment management business, Investment advisory / agency business, and a Type II financial instruments business, we provide asset management duties for clients beginning with asset acquisition services such as, investment project sourcing, project due diligence, pricing, execution, asset value increase proposal, investment decisions, etc., following with carrying out the operation duties during the holding period (fund management after acquisition, business plan formulation, leasing plan formulation, etc.), and exit duties (exit sale strategy analysis, refinancing proposals, etc.). Domestically and internationally, we have no borders and are actively expanding our various asset management services globally.

  • Acquisition planning, Negotiations, Closing
  • Asset Management
  • Exit strategy, Disposal
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