Basic policy for antisocial forces

The Company has established the “Basic Policy for Antisocial Forces” as follows, based on “Guidelines for companies to prevent damage caused by antisocial forces (government policy)” and “Comprehensive supervisory guidelines for financial instruments business operators” to order to enforce a firm stand against and take all measures to block all antisocial forces.

  • We will respond as an organization and reject unreasonable demands (including pressurizing force disguised as complaints and consultations) by antisocial forces.
  • We fully recognize the importance of social responsibility for the elimination of antisocial forces and corporate defense from unreasonable demands by antisocial forces, and carry out business operations to cut off all and related relationships with any type of antisocial forces.
  • We will take a firm stand such as taking legal countermeasures f there is any unreasonable demands from antisocial forces,
  • We will not provide funds or inappropriate and/or unusual convenience`s to antisocial forces for any reason.
  • We will continue to strengthen cooperation with external specialized institutions so that we can obtain appropriate advice and cooperation when responding to antisocial forces.
  • The Company will continue to inform our employees of the basic policy for antisocial forces and publicize the outline of the basic policy for antisocial forces.

※External specialized institutions: Police, violence expulsion movement promotion centers, lawyers, and other institutions that specialize in responding to antisocial forces.

※Government policy: June 19, 2007 Request from the Council of Ministers for Crime Countermeasures

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